Bootstrap 2.0 is out and accesories are out as well!!

Bootstrap 2.0 is out!


Application trends for 2012

Found this on .net magazine, very interesting article on this year app trends.


Why was Megaupload shutdown?

This article sheds some light on to the true motives behind the recent crackdown closing of Megaupload.

Click here!!

HTML5 Games

Article and links to some very nice games!!

Top 20 HTML5 Games!


Android Application Design Principles and more!

Check this out before you start or check it out to re-design your existing application!

Web Design 101

Awesome post for beginners and intermediate wannabe designers.

It contains pretty much everything you need to consider and links to start making a site.


Original post, ‘Resources to hack design’

html5 css3 JS tutorials

Computer Science paper awards

History and Future of Metro UI Design

Very interesting article regarding Metro UI and design in general….


From Transportation to Pixels

Metro UI design

Check this out, very interesting!


Designing windows phone 7 metro